Russians Are Blessing Their Computers With Holy Water To Protect Their Servers From Ransomware

Ransomware ‘WannaCry’, by power of Christ we compel you!

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Cyber-security today is still obviously lacking good methods to stop various ransomeware viruses that infect our personal computers. Sometimes hackers are just always few steps ahead of us all and you gotta find new means of defense. Some analyze the virus, others chase Hackers by police and as reported by in Russia they have added a new method to their cyber-security practices: holy water.

Thousands of computers were offline thanks to ‘WannaCry’ ransomeware, however in Russia thanks to the new powerful cyber-security it might be a different story. Grand Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church was invited to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to bless their servers with holy water and protect them from any impending doom some renegade ransomeware could inflict.

Needless to say upon this news that was released by twitter page “English Russia” various comical photo-shops were born in response:

If you ask yourself how come this happens in Russia, well the reason lies behind the fact that Church and State of Russia have no separation between themselves, in fact Orthodox Church is one of Russia’s most important institutions and as such it is linked to most of the things that happen in state. Blessing new bus stations, new weapons, new buildings, new servers or just as a protection in this case.

Orthodox Church leader, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, holds as much power as the Pope so as such he is an important figure who collaborates with Russian President Vladimir Putin in all matters of state, even cyber-security.

Anyway this is nothing new, in fact you probably already seen that Orthodox priests in Russia bless server rooms and other bits of modern technology. So let us wait and see how effective it will be.

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