Serbian priest gets too hammered on Rakija, villagers transport him on a tractor with a coffin to local funeral

No, this is not a promo article about a new comedy, it’s real

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Serbia is famous for rural themed comedies where scenes like this are transformed into cult movies, however this might be a real scenario for a new movie. There was a funeral in Serbian town Smederevo where a local priest Nenad got so hammered on Rakija that villagers were transporting him next to the casket, just so he could preform the funeral when he comes back to his consciousness reports

Being too drunk, tractor was handy as a mean of transport for him next to the deceased subject in a casket, they were riding like this all the way to the local cemetery. Good news is that with the help of the local villagers he did come to his senses and somehow got sober enough to preform the funeral in the end.

Can we expect a new Serbian comedy based on this event? We will see! However this event wasn’t taken so lightly with all the locals, the problem is that many go to other villages or to the city to marry and baptize, because they do not want the priest to become drunk and crushed during their most important days in life.

“Blic” has tried to verify the truthfulness of this story, but in this little village they came over a great wall of silence. They telephoned 20 of the locals, none of whom denied nor confirm this story, saying “I don’t want to get into this”.

EDIT: Local Serbian media has found the priest in question. They report Village is covered by veil of secrecy as the local villagers try to defend their priest that he actually has asthma, thought the priest himself did acknowledge he did drink a bit, some locals say it was Rakija, while he said it was just one beer.

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