Slavianski Bazaar – The Biggest Slavic Music Festival in the World

The famous Belorussian festival promoting Slavic music artists

Belarus – After the Dissolution of the Soviet Union the cultural ties between the former soviet bloc countries have broken. An idea emerged to organize a cultural arrangement in order to show the cultural diversity and create a new connection between Slavic nations. This is how the “Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk” came to be.

Starting in 1992, it was organized by the Belarusian Government with the financial support from Russia and Ukraine. It later turned into an annual and international festival with the main program being devoted to Slavic music. Alongside the representatives of the Slavic countries, “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” has invited participants from all the five continents. The main participants are still artists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, countries of the former Yugoslavia, Poland and Bulgaria with guests from many other countries.

Throughout its history the Festival has welcomed participants from 63 countries. The various festival events have been attended by about 800 000 people.

The festival was also a starting point in the careers of such singers as Ruslana, Taisia Povaliy, Tose Proeski, Bobi Mojsovski, Pyotr Elfimov and Zeljko Joksimovic.

Most winners per country: Belarus (5), Yugoslavia and Ukraine (4), Russia (3), Macedonia (2) and Croatia and Poland (1).

Take a look at some of the winners and their performances:

1. Croatian Damir Kedzo

Croatian singer that won the Slavianski Bazaar Grand Prix in 2010. Here’s Damir performing All by Myself in Slavianski Bazaar 2015.

2. Ukrainian Ruslana

She started her career as the winner of the Slavianski Bazaar competition in 1996. She later went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004. Since everyone’s probably heard her Eurovision entry Wild Dances, here’s here winning song at Slavianski Bazaar.

3. Macedonian Bobi Mojsovski

Macedonian singer that won the Bazaar’s Grand Prix in 2012. He also represented Macedonia on the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. He was the second singer from Macedonia to win the title, after late Tose Proeski.

4. Belarusian Alyona Lanskaya

She won the Slavianski Bazaar Contest in 2011. Alyona also represented Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö, Sweden with the song “Solayoh”:

5. Serbian Filip Zmaher

Serbian singer that represented Yugoslavia in the 1995 Slavianski Bazaar and won the Gran Prix. Here’s his perfomance at the Slavianski Bazaar:

6. Ukrainian Taisia Povaliy

She represented Ukraine in the Slavianski Bazaar 1993 and won the Grand Prix. She is a famous actress and singer popular in Ukraine and Russia. Here’s her performance at the Bazaar in 2004:

7. Serbian Zeljko Joksimovic

Serbian singer that won the Slavianski Bazaar in 1999. He represented Serbia and Montenegro in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Lane moje”, placing second, and again represented Serbia in the Eurovision 2012 and finished third.

8. Macedonian Tose Proeski

He was aMacedonian multi-genre singer, songwriter and actor, once dubbed the “Elvis Presley of the Balkans” by BBC News. He won the Slavianski Bazaar contest in 2000. He went on to represent Macedonia in the 2004 Eurovision:

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