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Slavic Beauty: 17 Examples of Russian Girls on Instagram and in Real Life

Photos going bad is pretty common even for Instagram celebrities

Instagram has basically shifted from a social image based sharing platform to a model featuring platform. Slavic women being beautiful as they are obliterated the platform and today Russian and Ukrainian girls are dominating Instagram as far as number of followers goes. Many of them have made a real business out of it and it developed into a real-time job for them. Russian guys, well they just look at the their local country (or neighborhood) girls get super famous and they get just confused “how did they make it”.

This is why few members on famous Russian forum yaplakal started to do some research and made a compilation “Instagram vs Reality” photos of their local Instagram celebrities.

Only girls know what efforts they need to make a good photo for their avatar in the social network. Just before the photo session, a long process of preparation is in action. After a huge number of images have been made there comes another agony “which photo to pick for your social media?!” Of course, on these photos the girls look just flawless, but they have other pictures, which it is difficult to call successful, and therefore we offer to compare those and other photos thanks to the forum members:

But don’t get fooled, some of these are just bad angle photos and they indeed are gorgeous ladies. So if you want to be in touch with more Slavic ladies follow:

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