Slavic lake and river monsters

A lake monster or loch monster and river monster is a purported form of fresh-water-dwelling megafauna appearing in mythology, rumor, or local folklore, but whose existence lacks scientific support. Lake monsters depictions are often similar to some sea monsters. Loch Ness Monster is one of the famous water monsters. This kind of monsters are also in Slavic countries. From Russia to Macedonia are many lakes and rivers where is believed that there live monsters. (by SvetovidSlovenski)

Brosno Lake

Lake situated in the European part of Russia, in the Tver region, near the town of Andreapol. It is the place where the Brosno dragon is supposed to live. The lake’s depth is about 43 meters (140 feet) at its deepest point, and it has a sunken church on the western part of it. Monster is described as resembling a dragon or dinosaur, and is the subject of a number of regional legends, some which are said to date back to the 13th century.

Labynkyr Lake and Labynkyr monster.

The lake is located near borders of Khabarovsk Krai and Magadan Oblast. Surface area is 61 km². Height above mean sea level is 1020 m. It is a 53 m deep.
By legends Labynkyr is a place of a dreadful monster.Russian media have reported evidence of a large monster there. For instance, in 1999, the group made an expedition to the remote Labynkyr Lake, which situated in one of the coldest places on the Earth.


Lake Khaiyr and its monster

This is a remote volcanic lake situated in the Yakutia region of eastern Siberia. Its surface area is approximately 72 acres (29 ha) and it has few fish. Its depth is yet unknown. It is called “Khaiyr” (meaning “to love” in modern Mongolian) due to the Mongol influence in the region.
The lake has been the centre of a controversy since 1964 when a group of scientists from Moscow University, claim to have encountered an animal with prehistoric biology whilst on an expedition surveying mineral deposits.


Obra River Monster

The northern section of the Obra River and lakes fed by the river are reputed to be home to the near-legendary Obra River Monster (in Polish: Potwór Rzeczny). This giant water-dwelling creature is believed by some locals to feast on ducks, beaver, and even pet dogs should they venture into the water! Local opinion seems divided as to whether the Obra monster is a giant catfish or something more mythical and mysterious. The Obra River Monster – Poland’s very own ‘Loch Ness Monster’

Lake Somin Monster

A huge monster with the head of a serpent and the body of a crocodile is rumoured to lurk at the bottom of a lake in Western Ukraine. The monster has been frightening residents of a nearby village for more than one hundred years. Now and again the gruesome creature comes ashore and attacks domestic animals. At times it harms humans too. As a rule, locals steer clear of the lake. Researchers keep gathering information in an attempt to unravel the lake mystery.

The Water Bull of the Rabisha Lake in Bulgaria

There are various legends about the Rabiska Lake Monster but Mayor Tsankov has picked the most “credible” one – which dates back to the 18th century – in order to focus their project on it.
The legend has it that a fearful monster inhabits the lake. Unlike Nessie and many other lake monsters, however, this one is no dinosaur; it is a lot more human-like, and is actually more like a minotaur.The Rabisha Lake Monster, the so called Water Bull, has the head of a bull, the body of giant, strong man, and the tale of fish.


The Monster of Lake Prespa in Macedonia

This is a lake in the Balkans, shared between Macedonia, Albania and Greece.

Bela Crkva lake monster Besi

Bela Crkva is situated in the southern Banat area, a hundred kilometers east of Belgrade. Creature named Besi is described in this video from 21:00 min further…

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