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Someone In Bosnia Is Selling A Old ‘YUGO 45’ Car, He Camouflaged It As A Spacecraft

Bosnian Space Programe on a discount sale…

Someone in Bosnia and Herzegovina has just released a very unique ad to sell his car. He camouflaged the good old Yugo 45 and released it on the Bosnian auction website. We are positive this Yugo space warrior will find a new owner pretty soon. One of the reasons why it will be sold quickly is his specs, just take a look what the owner wrote on the ad about the cars specs:

YUGO 45 SPACE WARRIOR wcode: 4588963. A vehicle designed as a limited series of specialized combat vehicles to combat unknown objects from the universe. The vehicle has an electric 1066 hp, acceleration 0-1000 = 15.6 s, max. speed = unknown.>

From the ground-handling equipment, it has: a right-hand mirror, a spare wheel (fifth), a flip up locking cable (you do not have to place it just simply unfasten it from the pack tregera and is ready to use if your spacecraft does not fit octane or simply black) ambient lighting (over 1000 colors, possible automatic or manual mode), exhaust, police equipment package, world map, mobile light radios (BT, FM, USB, AUX), chip tunning STAGE X, created mainframe maps.

The vehicle is not noticeable on the road at all, so it can be used for other purposes as well.

Equipment for Space: A satellite communicator of all possible frenecasts tuned to not interfere with the movement of air traffic, can locate more objects simultaneously at different distances (in light years), is coated with an impenetrable outer-folio laser, invisible to any type of UFO radar systems. In addition to the vehicle comes the space department (4 pcs).

What do you think? how much would you pay for this nice space car?

What do you think?

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