South Russian Skies Are Filled With Locust Swarms Of Biblical Proportions

Stavropol, Kalmykia, Buryatia and Krasnodar under invasion

Russia is under locust invasion and it is looking very nasty. Giant swarms of locusts are obliterating the farmer fields, vegetables and grass in Souther parts of Russia such as Stavropol, Buryatia, Krasnodar, Kalmykia and others. These massive swarms are able to devour anything that comes their way and they aren’t very pleasant on the eyes either.

Many locals believe it is because winter was not harsh enough to freeze the soil and kill their population. This is why after mild winters they quadruple their numbers and start these swarms of biblical proportions. Russian farmers and authorities didn’t see it coming and they didn’t manage to react fast enough to beat this alien invasion in its initial form.

These swarm even in smaller number can turn into a huge gang when the locusts start to fly and spread around the area, they can eat acres and acres of greens. Then each locust can put up to 300 larvae into the ground. They stay at 15-20 cm deep.

You can’t see them and you can’t spray poison for all the fields in the region. So best way to fight them is when they are born but can’t fly yet – at least.

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