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Soviet Union in 21st century: Russian TV show imagines how it could have looked like

But where are the brutalist socialist-block buildings?

Chernobyl: Zone of Alienation

If you watched an American series “The Man in the High Castle” that imagined what would USA look if Nazi Germany won the war, then you will love this show too. This one shows the alternative future in case if USSR didn’t collapse and stayed till year 2050? The series name is “Chernobyl: Zone of Alienation” and just like “The man in the High Castle” it is a fantasy series featuring alternative present and future.

“The first season ended with the fact that the heroes, hitting in 1986, prevented an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. One of them was able to return at the present time and found that the course of history has changed: the USSR has not disintegrated and is now a prosperous state.”

In the first series of the second season, events take place in the new modern USSR. This is how the creators of the series portrayed him. Media facades of houses show pictures with images of workers:

City streets:

The App….Kompot tablet:

Among the flags, shields and street screens can be found advertising “Moskvich-712”:

The portrait of Ilyich is projected between the pipes of the plant:

In the plane “Sovaero” on the screens the screen saver is broadcast: “Labor / Progress / Aviation”:

Well, a little bit of Moscow at night:

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