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  • HAPPY We are from High Tatras Slovakia

    Do you know what is currently written about on almost all ski websites? The viral Slovak commercial video by Pharrell Williams – Happy (We are from High Tatras Slovakia). For the last days this video went viral and was risen […] More

  • Become Frodo Baggins, go to Slovakia or Poland

    To explain ourselves, Slovakian Tatra mountains are so big you standing on top of them will look like a damn Bilbo Baggings. Oh he is a hobbit, then you will look like some of the Dwarfs, that isn’t the point […] More

  • Rare crystal clear lake found in Slovakia by hikers

    Two Slovak climbers during their little expedition to High Tatras Mountains in Slovakia came to a lake. What they found there is a completely frozen and transparent lake. As you can check in the video they have been walking over the […] More