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  • Macedonian Dynasty: The Golden Age of Byzantine Empire

    Expanding the borders of Empire as never before, rulers of Macedonian Dynasty brought Byzantine fame, influence and strength, but also started a cultural and artistic renaissance, known as Macedonian Renaissance. Occasionally broken by usurpers, members of the Dynasty always found […] More

  • Blyat!Blyat!

    The Fall of Volga Bulgars and Rise Of Bulgaria

    You heard of Bulgaria and we all know it in present state of it’s existence. But many people do not know that once instead of Orthodox churches Bulgaria had Minarets and such Bulgaria almost became the most important center inside Europe. Two Bulgarian States Bulgars embraced Islam according to a legend where Ostensibly […] More

  • Reconstructions of Prince Svyatoslav – Kievan Rus

    Reconstructions of Prince Svyatoslav – The description of the appearance of Svyatoslav was given to us by Leo the Deacon, who was a Byzantine historian and chronicler during the contemporary Russian-Byzantine war in Bulgaria. On that information here is an […] More

  • Through Ancient Slavic North

    Through Ancient Slavic North – Finally in Russia a large military reconstruction is taking place and it’s name is “Times And Epochs”, it is taking place in the Kolomenskoye estate, a unique historic place in the most scenic corner of […] More

  • BlyatifulBlyatiful

    The White Croats and Kievan Rus

    Croats In Nestor’s “Primary Chronicle” -The most important and earliest major manuscript with information on Rus’ history and of the East Slavs is Nestor’s Primary Chronicle, written in the late 11th and early 12th centuries. It is a history of Kievan […] More