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  • Wieliczka Salt Mine – the Polish Moria that wasn’t built by Dwarves

    Wieliczka , Poland – a photographer Gašper Pintarič based in Slovenia decided to take trip to Poland, to meet his polish friends. During his last visit there he was visiting several Małopolska cultural and nature monuments, museums and other attractions. One of them was Wieliczka Salt Mine […] More

  • Mirny Diamond Mine in Eastern Russia

    Mirny Diamond Mine in the east of Russia, Siberia were formed more than 300 million years ago. These beautiful items that we love so much are so valued whole cities like Mirny are constructed and populated just so people could […] More

  • Scary abandoned mine in Russian Ural

    A live-journal blogger Mr. Mishainik has been on a trip and he has explored an abandoned Ural mountain mine and got us the following photo-story: You see, during the second world war most of Russian mining was moved to Ural […] More