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    9 metal and alternative bands that make Slavs proud

    Slavic countries and the Slavs are remarkable for the mesmerizing nature, the warmth and hospitality, the unique and delicious food and the specific mentality (we’re impetuous, rash, communicative and friendly, and yet traditional). We are also known for our mythology […] More

  • Amazing Jeravna Village Folk gathering in Bulgaria

    Amazing Jarvina village “The festival of folk costume” – You’re lucky today because Konstanting Panchev brought us amazing set of photos of one beautiful Slavic tradition and festival in Bulgaria. It is an event that is held annual in village […] More

  • Scary Pagan Masks in Slavic folklore

    Scary Pagan Masks in Slavic folklore – Masks are used also in Slavic folklore, mostly during Fašiangy or Turíce feast days; then also during the Winter solstice (Kračún, Koleda) – now under the term Christmas; and a mask can be […] More