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  • Polish Vang stave church

    This amazing piece of architecture is a Vang stave church (Polish: Świątynia Wang), which is a stave church which was bought by the famous Prussian King and transferred from Vang located in Norway and re-erected in 1842 in Brückenberg near […] More

  • Through Ancient Slavic North

    Through Ancient Slavic North – Finally in Russia a large military reconstruction is taking place and it’s name is “Times And Epochs”, it is taking place in the Kolomenskoye estate, a unique historic place in the most scenic corner of […] More

  • Ushkuyniks – pirates from Novgorod

    The ushkuiniks (Russian: ушкуйники) (from old-Rus. Ushkuy – marine or river sailing-rowing vessel) or povolniks (Russian: повольники) were members of the armed squads in Novgorod and Vyatka Lands XIV-XV centuries. According to common opinion the formation of ushkuyniki brigades was […] More