The 7 most funny things Slavic people (would like to) ship

Some of the most Slav things you can ship

The majority of the most bizarre and unexpected shipping requests Eurosender received in 2018 came from users in Slavic countries, the company announced. In addition to lots of alcohol, Slavs also tried to ship live chickens, bags of cement and frozen sarma, according to data from an online shipping platform Eurosender.

Slavic team members quickly realized that the peculiar orders from users in Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and elsewhere were not just requests from quirky individuals but rather a product of the Slavic character,” Tim Potočnik, co-founder and CEO of the company, explains.

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Sending live chicken, home made sarma or tracksuits over shipping?

Besides the highly predictable requests for shipping of alcohol the list also features some unexpected items. See the complete list on the infographic which includes car parts and alcohol. Among others, Eurosender recorded a request for shipping live chickens (Croatia to Ireland), 13 boxes of tracksuits (Bulgaria to Germany) and a “toilet bag with 12 sex toys and a box filled with English tea” (Czech Republic – Sweden).

Potočnik points out that not all items are suitable for shipping.

Fresh food and liquids, for instance, are listed as restricted items. We don’t recommend shipping them and couriers might return or even destroy them. However, I do understand that for Slavs having mom’s sarma or a bottle of local slivovitz is nevertheless worth the risk. The same is obviously true for live animals,” he adds and half-jokingly asks Slavs not to create delays in European logistics system by shipping bizarre items.

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