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The Bulgarian Engineer Who Used Household Doors For City Bus in Sofia

When sitting in bus feels that much more like sitting at home

The Bulgarian engineering genius can reach unsuspected heights with its ingenuity and creativity. This proves a bus that was spotted in the capital Sofia. A picture of the vehicle was uploaded to the Facebook page Spotted in Sofia. At first glance, it looks like any other vehicle, but on the second look you will notice unusual bus doors.

Local people sad in the comments that the neighborhood, where the bus has been seen for several consecutive days, is Obelya. Most people think the vehicle is private, but it is unclear what the unconventional solution is. After all if you are familiar with Slavic Science you would understand that mind-blowing inventions like these are not strange in any of the Slavic countries.

Funny comments from local Bulgarians: 

  • It meet the European requirements for doors. ~ said Laoh Dzhun
  • Nothing can stop the inventive Bulgarian people! ~ said Seny Art
  • Don’t say we’re not first in everything! Is there somewhere in the world??? ~ said Todorka Ivanova
  • At least we’re good at something. ~ siad Красимир Мирчев
  • Good thing they’re not spinning… ~ said Vladislav Spassov
  • It’s just not finished yet. ~ said Milko Kehayov

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