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The Charms Of Traveling In Long Distance Trains Across Russia

Russian rails don’t have problems with selling tickets

Russian railways / Photo: WikiImages / Pixabay & Yaplakal

Some members of famous Russian internet forum Yaplakal have made a collection of photos concerning their travels across Russia. Considering the size of the country you can imagine how many hours some train rides last, sometimes it feels like eternity and people just start to to feel like at home in them. Feeling like at home also means they get relaxed, comfortable and some things start to happen.

Guys collected the photos of sights they came across during their travels, and by all means they will probably boost the ticket sales for sure. A lot of attractive Russian ladies just feel so comfortable at the open train cells they sleep in them pretty much exposed just like at home. Obviously Russian guys have recognized this behavior and started a interesting travel diary with a photo list.

However some members said this is the reality:

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