Chernobyl: Inside abandoned ghost town of Pripyat and the exclusion zone

Where ghosts of the past still live in form of abandoned hopes and dreams

Chernobyl, Pripyat – This is by many a forgotten city of Chernobyl. A destruction and tragedy not seen by human kind by that time, the nuclear plant Chernobyl, doomed this city and it’s people to despair and tragedy. “In matters nuclear one thing is certain: there is no protection in an iron curtain.” A letter in The Times May 3rd, 1986. A strong explosion at a huge nuclear power plant on the 26th of April 1986, occurred near the Ukrainian town of Chornobyl, followed by a gradual meltdown of the reactor No. 4.

These photos are made by Alexandr Vikulov, [email protected]


The hell broke lose and more so because Chornobyl is situated just 80 miles north-west of Kiev, the ancient capital of Ukraine and the Soviet Union’ third largest city.


In human kind this was the worst nuclear reactor accident ever, which immediately sent a radioactive cloud across neighboring Belarus, Poland and the Baltic Republics towards Scandinavia, even as far as Italy the radioactivity was measured.


Within days, borne by shifting winds these radioactive mists traveled beyond Soviet borders and spread across most of Europe causing fear of radioactivity and consequences.


Worst situation was in the Republics of Ukraine and Belarus as these Slavic countries have suffered large scale involuntary irradiation, due to extensive secrecy, and great economic damage.


Furthermore the contaminated air mass passed over large areas of Poland and also over parts of Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia and a number of West European countries.


Today still the land is inhabitable, abandoned and everything is now stays almost the same as it was 20 years ago as if frozen.


Nowadays there guided tours are being conducted to this area.



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