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This Is How Socialist Bulgaria Looked Like Few Years Before The End of Eastern Bloc

Photos from a different era that the one of today…

During the Second World War Bulgaria until 1944 acted on the side of the Third Reich, in 1941, parts of the Bulgarian army without warning occupied the territories of Macedonia and Greece. September 8, 1944, the Red Army supported the military coup in the state and the Bulgarians were forced to fight on the other side.

On September 15, 1946, after the referendum, the People’s Republic of Bulgaria was established, which was busy with building up socialism. It is said that the Bulgarians even wanted to join the USSR, but because of debts and the absence of a common border, they were rejected. But the relationship turned out to be so tight that Bulgaria became the main resort of the Soviet man. h:t/(micccp)

Bar Variete in Slynchev Bryag, 1969

Restaurant “Palma”, Slynchev Bryag, 1960s

Miss Varna-1965

Beauty contest, Golden Sands, 1974

Miss Black Sea-1989

Restaurant “Fregat”, Slynchev Bryag, 1960s

Sozopol, 1960s

Golden Sands, 1960

Kiten, 1986

Stewardess in the airport Burgas, 1960s

Varna, the 1960s

Sofia, 1964

Sobornaya Street, Sofia, 1960s

Cafe near the hotel “Baklan”, Sofia, the 1970s

Hotel Vitosha-Nyu Otani, Sofia, 1988

Bus station in Pamporovo, 1987

Vitosha, 1978

Winery, Sofia, 1960s

Bus “Chavdar”, Botevgrad, 1980s

Plant “Balkan”, Lovech, 1980s

Truck produced at the factory in Shoumen

Informatics lesson, Pleven, 1980s

Supermarket, 1981

Store electric goods, 1985 year

Dimitrova’s Mausoleum, Sofia, 1960s

Guardsmen in the airport of Sofia, 1980s

Conference Room, 1985

Today, Bulgaria is still a friendly country for tourists, which is sometimes called a country of contrasts, because there are both chic beaches and excellent ski resorts. And it still attracts a large number of people from the countries of the former Union with relatively low prices and almost European level of service. That’s it, Bulgaria!

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