Traditional Family Statues Promoting How Families Should Be Like in Russia

When you think of it, is this really something that weird?


Russia – Hundreds of monuments were erected across Russia that promote the traditional family model. Father, mother and children are in focus, with occasional family pet. These images represent and portrait how a traditional Slavic family (from a Russian view) should look like in spite of what some American and European groups aggressively promote and make pressure on Russia. h/t: pikabu

This is a Russian strike back on politics that come from the west and promote bearded women and other similar new phenomenons:

Since when has the support of the traditional family become a sign of homophobia? Maybe enough with their traditional-phobia? said forum user McSneg

In irony some Russian members noted “Now they will think we are a backward country, with these barbaric alien values according to Europeans. We don’t have bearded women and transgender statues!”

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What do you think, are we really living in times when this is considered weird?

What do you think?

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