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Ukraine and Russia Just Had A Twitter War And It Went Viral

More internet wars, less real wars!

We have just witness another major war over Twitter, but it wasn’t between the Kardashians or some celebrities but actually between official Twitter accounts of the country of Ukraine and Russia. They mocked each other on accounts of history, some Simson GIFs were also used and the whole things wen’t completely Viral over the internet.

The countries were sparring over the historical origins of Anna Yaroslavna, an 11th-century figure born in Kievan Rus — then federated territory surrounding Kiev, now the capital of Ukraine — and who went on to become queen of France. The dispute arose after Russian President Vladimir Putin referred to the French queen as “Russian Anne” during a news conference this week with French President Emmanuel Macron.
Ukraine’s first tweet makes the point that Russia’s capital, Moscow, was undeveloped at the time of Anne’s coronation, suggesting it would be wrong for the country of Russia to claim Anne of Kiev as part of their history.

…and then Ukraine used the Simpson GIF and internet blew up.
Let us hope there will be more wars like this and less in real.

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