Underwater “Alley of Leaders” Museum at Crimean Cape Tarkhankut

What Lenin, Stalin and Dzerzhinsky are doing at the bottom of the Black Sea?

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Cape Tarhankut, Crimea – Walking on the shores of Crimea you probably wouldn’t believe that just few hundred meters from away there is a unique underwater museum. This all was started by one man, Vladimir Borumensky that while diving found a figure of Soviet leaders at a depth of 15 meters. It’s was a figure of Lenin’s bust, so he figured by now to expand this. Soon busts of Marx, Borumensky, Napoleon or even the Paris tower and other historical figures and places started to settle down here in water.

Collection soon started to grow so much it became a famous adventure-filled underwater museum. Probably one of the best attractions that you can find underwater.

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It is actually a pretty interesting concept and it will be a pleasure for any diver that goes through the area. Imagine diving and suddenly coming upon a museum that features most of the famous figures lined up for you to explore.

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Museum however has no official website (neither even a Facebook fan page) and there are no tickets to enter it, so it is a thing that you enter on your own and for free. Hopefully if you do visit it, you’ll share your photos with us.

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The locals that are also the organizers of this museum said they are open for adding more historical figures to this underwater museum. So now there are 50 different busts to see, but in near future it might be double.

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So if you are a romantic soul you could dive here with your partner and take her/him see Paris tower located 15 meters under water. Black sea is warm and salty so you don’t have to worry, it will be pleasant with crystal clear water for you to enjoy.

Photo credit: Andrey Nekrasov / source: flyuia via livejournal

Sea being this clean will make this “Alley of Leaders” be visible even from surface, but believe us, take your fins and dive in. It’s worth it!

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