You will never freeze as much as Siberians do

Siberia in winter is something you can’t understand if you don’t live there. Thanks to this blogger who brought us some pictures from his trip throught a mining village in Siberia you can now for the first time at least try to feel how cold and snowy is there. They came there for a week in order to experience what a real free-ride, experience of the local charming climate and to understand what develops this fierce Siberian character. Yeah as you guessed it was snowing all the week, and freezing to -30 with constant wind. Some people have lived here all their life and the others like us do not even dream of life like this. Miners began to extract the precious metal here a long time ago, especially during ww2. via(source)


It all started with the gold mina Ivannikova, founded in these places where gold mines are.


The population of the village Priiskovaya ties closely their future with the revival of gold mining.


There is work already to restore production and mining, but it is reminiscent of village streets and facades of this post-war settlement.


Nowadays the village is better known as a haven for fans snowriding – adrenalin seekers and adventurers.


There is a hospital here and there for them. Every day we pick up a snowmobile, equipped with ski cabin, and dragged us up the hill. 


101 km to the city spears (nearest railway / railway station), 440 km from Krasnoyarsk and 350 km to Abakan From Krasnoyarsk minibus we went here about seven hours.


Priiskovaya – a small village (about 600 inhabitants), located in the Kuznetsk Alatau mountains on the border of Khakassia, Kemerovo region, and Krasnoyarsk Territory.


What do you say, would you dare to visit it?

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