Zabaikalskie Horses – These Russian Curly Haired Horses Will Make You Pet Them All The Time

It’s a furball?! It’s a large sheep?! No It’s a horse!

Is there a person in this world doesn’t love horses? Is there a person who doesn’t like curly haired animals? Is there a person who wouldn’t go crazy for curly haired horses? You think we are lying and there is no such horses? Well you brat are completely wrong! Zabaikalskie is a breed of horses that live in vast regions of Russia and they are known for their unusual curly hair. Their name “Zabaikalskie ” literally means “the ones that come from  the East from the Baikal lake”.

Those horses a bit like the curly hair pigs that live in the Carpathian mountains in Ukraine and I bet it’s pretty cool to pet those. It is funny how many curly animals East Slavs have, curly piggies and horses what can you want more?!

Their curly properties are used as you would expect for therapy and rehabilitation, i mean who wouldn’t get relaxed by petting those horses?! So if you feel stressed go and pet them.

They definitely have the right shape to belong to a horse, but have you ever seen curly hair like that on a member of the equine family?

These special horses come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, but they each carry a gene that gives them their gorgeous curly hair.

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