Lake Bled In Slovenia: The Perfect Weekend In Slovenian National Jewel

Couple Of Reasons Why You Will Love To Visit This Place…

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Traveling around is fun, but places you visit will leave different impressions and experiences. Slovenian Lake Bled is probably one of those place where literally nothing will let you down, it’s basically perfect. The whole area offers a wide plethora of activities you can try with your loved ones, each one will be a lot of fun and a great memory.

In Lake Bled, everything is logical

Probably one of the best things in Bled is, everything is logical and made just to please you. Imagine how many times you came to some popular destination and there was a problem with parking? Well, just as you arrive at the Bled district you will notice there is a lot of strategically situated parking lots across the area making it easy for you to relief your mind knowing you car is all safe and set for the day, so you can enjoy the rest of the day pleasantly.

Trying to buy a parking ticket, we had an issue with the parking machine. The local parking officer came in and out of the blue gave us a day ticket for free!

When start to walk in towards the lake, the first view you see is the one below. The whole scene is so unrealistically beautiful you might just think you’re in some kind of a fairy tale.

Coming closer to the lake will result in all the local wildlife, like these ducks below, to rush towards you. They’re pretty used to tourists and will make great models for your idyllic photography.

Just looking at the lake is nice, but the local tourism is well developed and they offer you the thing you’ll like the most, a gondolier tour across the lake to the little Bled Island.

For the price of just 15 € per person you will be able to enjoy a pretty romantic and relaxing slow cruise over the lake. The panoramic views at this point are amazing and if you’re into photography, well you are at the right moment to melt down that cameras shutter button.

There is really nothing you can think of that you can’t do at Bled as far as tourist offers go. Renting a boat, hiking, swimming, skydiving, paragliding, hot ballooning, exploring museums or eating at restaurants. It is all there, it is reasonable priced and you’ll get what you pay for.

The gondolier ride over the lake will last for about 20 minutes, which is pretty enjoyable slow cruising. If you are more of an adventurer type, you can rent a boat yourself and enjoy as long as you like.

As there are no strong currents in the lake, you are pretty safe and if anything goes wrong the guards and help are always pretty close by.

After boating over the lake you can drink coffee there, eat ice-cream and relax until you decide to go back. There is also a small museum in the church, so if you’re into history you will like it.

The next most favorite spot after the Island is the actual Bled fort. There is a small hiking route to get up to it, it is no big deal and it is worth the effort.

Reaching the top of the fort you will be pretty surprised how well the whole fort system is maintained, and the fact everything is crowded with tourists, caffe-bars and restrooms.

There are several point at the fort for some pretty spectacular views. Basically at this point it doesn’t matter what camera you have, each photo will look perfect.

The view at the lake and the Bled Island is probably the most famous one, you’ve seen it a million times. Yep, this is the place where you need to come to make it yourself.

When you finish taking photos, just behind you stands a nice museum where you can learn about the life of old Slavs in the area. Skeletons, their tools, replicas of their weapons and other valuable information.

If you peek through museum windows you will be able to see the other side of the valley, just as nice don’t you agree?

Lastly, after the sailing, hiking and having fun it is time to take a rest and replenish your strengths. Luckily there is plenty of excellent caffe bars and restaurants nearby, and food is excellent where ever you sit, so no worries about that.

Have you every been to Lake Bled? What are your experiences there?

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