Interesting places in Ukraine that will surprise you

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If you’re thinking of hitting up Ukraine on your bucket list, read on to learn some new locations to put on your visit list while you are thinking about travelling to this country (or why you should plan to visit Ukraine if you hadn’t thought about it already!)

Optimistic cave


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The Optimistic Cave was discovered in 1966. It is located in Borschevsky District of Ternopil Region, near Korolevka Village. It is the longest gypsum cave in the world: its length is about 260 km. It is still not fully explored, and speleologists from all over the world come here on an expedition. Inside the cave there are labyrinths, many mineral formations (crystals, stalactites, heliktites) and even underground lakes. There are many things to see.

Everyone can get on an excursion and see everything with his own eyes. There is an official site with all necessary information: how to get there, where to live, what equipment you need, photo and video reports. On a site it is possible to choose excursion, there are different levels of complexity: easy familiarization excursions will approach even for children, also routes of average complexity and extreme, and long routes for the skilled and endurance.

The Dovbush’s rocks

Dovbush Rocks – rock-cave complex at an altitude of 668 meters is located near the village of Bubnyshcha in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Rock ledges were formed here about 70000000 years ago, their height reaches 80 meters, width – 200 m, length – almost 1 kilometer.

In the 17-18th centuries, guerrillas (people’s rebels) created a camp in the rocks, and there are still traces of man-made caves in which they lived. The name also goes back to those times – Oleksa Dovbush was the leader of the rebels in the Carpathians. Now Dovbush Rocks is a popular tourist destination. It is also a favorite place for climbers, where they regularly hold their competitions.



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Bakota village was flooded during the construction of the Dniester hydroelectric power plant, and in its place Bakota Bay was formed, which attracts more and more tourists because of its incredibly beautiful landscapes. Bakota is called the place of power: archeological excavations show that once there were many pagan temples, sanctuaries and burial mounds for women.

Bakota is located on the territory of the Podolskie Tovtry National Nature Park; there is no tourist infrastructure here yet. Therefore, you won’t find houses for comfortable stay and stores here, and if you want to stay here overnight, take a tent and provisions with you. To get here on your own can be by car or bike, you can take a shuttle bus (then walk a little more) or a sightseeing bus from Kamyanets-Podilsky.

Dniester Canyon


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The canyon is located on the edge of four regions: Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytsky, Chernivtsi and Ternopil. Zaleshiki village is located in Ternopil region.
Dniester Canyon is located in four regions at once; it is the longest canyon in Ukraine – 250 km long. Everybody knows it mainly behind the observation deck on Zalishiki: the village is located on a peninsula, and in a circle on three sides it is washed by the Dniester.

But this is not the only interesting place in Ukraine, which is worth seeing in the canyon. Around the river there are mixed and pine forests, several nature reserves and a very ancient natural attraction – rocks of Devonian geological period, which are more than 400 000 000 years old. In the Dniester River there are more than 40 species of fish, on the canyon territory there are many rare species of insects. Dzhurinsky waterfall, which is located on the Dezhurnaya River in Zalishchitsky District, Ternopil Region, deserves special attention. The height of the waterfall is 16 meters, it is most of all not a mountain waterfall in Ukraine. Another popular tourist attraction in the canyon – rafting along the Dniester River, will suit both beginners and professionals.

Lemuria Lake


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Lake Lemuria is called the Ukrainian Dead Sea: the salinity of the lake reaches 300 grams of salt per liter of water, which is 50 grams more than in the Dead Sea. Pink color appears due to dunalella algae, which under the influence of the sun produce a substance that stains water: the hotter the summer, the more intense pink color water has.

The lake has an interesting history: in 1969, a Soviet plane fell into the lake Sivash and created a very deep hole, which began to fill with water much saltier than in Sivash. And the lake got its name after the mythical continent Lemuria, which supposedly once sunk in the Indian Ocean. Lake Lemuria attracts many tourists because of its unusual appearance and therapeutic water.

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