Meet Sarah Seifert – Croatian Twerker That Shook The Nation With Her Talent

When your talent is so great whole world writes about you

Croatian twerker Sarah Seifert raised a lot of dust after performing at Croatian Supertalent show. Even the foreign media are writing about her now. Namely, the British tabloid Daily Mail reports Sarah twerked in front of the jury and the audience, and how her father was watching the whole show.

“As soon as I finish school I will go to Ireland. I see myself in artwork, and I want to open my dance studio one day. Life is difficult for us, and for that reason I will first move away, and then continue dancing wherever I live” ~ she honestly explained

So the Brits write that this girl started the avalanche debate after her performance and how she intends to move to Ireland, which Sarah first said to

She also has a very rich Instagram account you might want to check out:

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