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Most Popular And Successful Russian Excentrics

What makes people want to look eccentric? Is it about their inner state or just a desire to stand out from the crowd whatever it costs? Here’s the list of 5 most popular Russian freaks that are known by millions of people in CIS.

Alexander Shpak

A bodybuilder, freak and, recently, a very popular blogger. He gained popularity thanks to his shocking appearance. When a child he was rather a common boy, born in the family of a teacher and military. His father’s work was the reason why family moved very often from place to place. Alexander’s father instilled love of sport to his son. He started going to the gym at the age of 12 and very soon achieved pretty good results. So far he’s graduated from two universities, which is hardly believable when looking at him. He made his first tatoo in his teens and now 90% of his body is covered with tatoos. Alexander says he spent about 100000 dollars on his body paintings. Later he made over 15 plastic surgery operations starting from liposuction to full face shape change. Now he’s got fake vampire fangs and is very popular among fitness coach industry.

Aleksandr Meshchanskii-Shpak (@sashashpakofficial) * Фото и видео в Instagram

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Zhanna Aguzarova

Her artistic career started in 1983 as a member in “Bravo” music band. She recorded 10 albums and over 5 million CDs are sold for today. Zhanna is often called “Russian Lady Gaga”. She’s one of those celebreties who’s not fond of giving interviews. But when she did, she used to say about her extraterrestrial origin and connetions with Martians. Her words sound funny but taking into account the way she looks, it’s not that hard to believe.

Nikita Dzhigurda

He’s well known for being very eccentric. What would you say if you knew someone filmed the conception of his own child and then filmed this very child’s birth. Probably, it would be ok, if you keep it to yourself, but he decided to post these videos in internet. Nikita also walked naked right on the Red Square under “Gangnam Style” track. What was not less shoking is that he planned to head the gay parade in Moscow. In addition to all these activities he manages to write poems, shoot in advertisements and work as a host. His poetry is very weird fot the public as it’s all about profanity.….0…1c.1.64.img..0.5.201…0i67k1.0.yk7fQ21_byk#imgrc=t_vTUHOSuSKvGM:

НИКИТА ДЖИГУРДА (18+) (@instadzhigurda) * Фото и видео в Instagram

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Ruki Bazuki (Bazooka hands)

His real name is Kirill Tereshin. It seemed like his biggest dream was to become famous. He achieved his goal. But the way he chose to do it was rather controversial and dangerous. To make his body look perfect (in his view) he started to make injections of synthol (a mixture of ledocaine and vegetable fats). Soon his hands reached 60 cm in diameter. Only some bodybuilders  with approximately body weight of about 140 kg have such girth of biceps. In comparison, Kirill’s weight is little more than 60 kg at body height of 175 cm.

– Кирилл Терешин, Существо 👽🛸 (@ruki_bazuki_official) * Фото и видео в Instagram

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Sergey Zverev

Is a famoust stylist, singer and celebrity. “The star is shoked” is his famous advertising slogan that he uses in each proper situation. His amplua has long gone beyond a professional hairdresser-stylist. He not only creates unique and unexpected images of the Russian celebrities, but has himself turned into a star. He sings, appears in music videos, tries his hand as a TV host and showman. His life is a complete mystery, a hoax, where it is difficult to separate reality from myths and legends, which Sergey Zverev willingly produces and supports.

👑 SERGEY ZVEREV 👑 (@zverevsuperstar) * Instagram photos and videos

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