Russian Army Graphics by Andrew Tarusov

Every here and then we get to display and show you some amazing graphic art made by one of the Slavic illustrators. This time we are able to show you some amazing Pin-up art made by a Russian illustrator and graphic artists, Andrew Tarusov. He made this to commemorate the “Defenders of the Fatherland Day”, this is the day when Russia celebrates the defense of their country and survival. Lucky with time sour images of war disappeared and he decided to celebrate it with illustrations of pretty Russian female soldiers, for each military branch!

russian-army-pin-up-tarusov2 russian-army-pin-up-tarusov3 russian-army-pin-up-tarusov4 russian-army-pin-up-tarusov5 russian-army-pin-up-tarusov6 russian-army-pin-up-tarusov7 russian-army-pin-up-tarusov8 russian-army-pin-up-tarusov9 russian-army-pin-up-tarusov10 russian-army-pin-up-tarusov11 russian-army-pin-up-tarusov12 russian-army-pin-up-tarusov13

Thanks to Andrew Tarusov for wonderful images!

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