Slav Statistics: What Are Slavs Worst And Best At In Present Time?

It’s a subjective list of course…

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We went through dozens of studies and statistics in various fields, to discover where do Slavs stand out the most. Most of our discoveries are not surprising, but we didn’t quite expect some of them. As small and insignificant Slavic countries are often thought to be, we were mentioned in quite a few of these studies. We compiled a list with results that really caught our attention.

Heaviest drinkers

We can start with the least surprising statistics, and those are very closely related to our love towards alcohol. The World Health Organization made a list of world countries by alcohol consumption per capita. And there is no reason to fight who is better, as all Slavic countries are in the top 20. However, if there was a fight, Belarus would doubtlessly win, as they hold the first place for years. On the other hand, the Czech Republic can also be proud since research has shown they are overall the biggest beer drinkers in the world.

Most difficult languages to learn

There is a great number of factors that go into learning languages, most notably your native language. However, a great number of international sources listed some Slavic languages as a part of the 25 most difficult languages to learn in the world. The languages our non-Slavic friends believe are the hardest to learn are Slovenian and Croatian. We are not exactly sure why they picked these two, all we know is that they stand side by side with Sanskrit and Chinese!

Strictest prostitution laws

We can brag about being open-minded all we want, but that doesn’t change the fact that out of all Europe, Slavic countries have the most unfair prostitution laws. We are the only ones prohibiting prostitution in the way that the prostitutes will get fined. In other words, you can buy sex but you can not sell it (talking about contradictory). On the bright side, the fines are much lower than the ones in eg. France where you will have to pay 1500$ if they caught you as a client of a prostitute. Remember that on your next trip to Paris.

Highest sex drive, and more…

Although we can’t brag about being at the top of any of these lists, we do rank high on almost all sex-related statistics published over the last few years. Both Poland and the Czech Republic found a place on the list of countries where women have the highest sex drive. Croatia and Serbia, are some of the biggest porn consumers in the world. If you wonder what they are watching most, a research from Pornhub has shown that they just can’t get enough of teens.

A recent psychology analysis of 48 countries made Croatia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic a part of another list. According to their research, the women from these countries are among the 15 most promiscuous in the world. We will finish this section with Russians. Out of all the women in the world, Russians are most likely to have sex every day. Thus it is not surprising that Russia gained the third place among the most sexually active countries on the planet. Go, Russia!

Gay-friendly… or not?

This is one of the statistics where Slavic countries greatly differ from each other. While Rainbow Europe ranked Russia and Belarus among the 7 worst countries for gays in Europe, the Czech Republic gained a place between most gay-friendly countries in the world, with 90% of people accepting gay relationships. This is not very surprising, as acceptance of sexuality is generally closely related to religious beliefs. And the Czech Republic has the highest percentage of atheists in Europe according to a survey conducted by Eurobarometer.

Generally unsafe,_clash_at_Bankova_str,_Kiev,_Ukraine._December_1,_2013.jpg

For this article, we went through a great number of official crime-related statistics, and the results don’t really go in our favor. Slavic countries found a high ranking in many of them, including those who list the world countries with most sexual assaults per capita and countries with largest murder rate per 100 000 people. Furthermore, we looked at more than twenty different crime-statistics, and Slovenia ranks higher than other Slavic countries in most of them. However, when looking at the cities, Slovenia is not mentioned anywhere. Meanwhile, Kiev was ranked as the most unsafe city in Europe, while Zagreb, Belgrade, Warsaw, and Sofia also found the place on that list.

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