Slavlingo no. 6

Are you ready for Slavlingo no. 6?! Its been a while, but to keep you slav lingo at its toes, try to guess all the questions!

  • Question of

    What is the meaning behind the word ‘brada’?

    • eyebrow
    • beard
    • mustache
    • leg hair
  • Question of

    What does ‘kuvshin’ mean?

  • Question of

    Word ‘krem’ means…

    • shampoo
    • conditioner
    • hair spray
    • cream
  • Question of

    What does ‘buton’ mean?

    • a bud of a flower
    • a leaf
    • a petal
    • piece of fruit
  • Question of

    Word ‘bubanj’ refer to what musical instrument?

  • Question of

    Word ‘kovdru’ means what?

    • blanket
    • sweater
    • scarf
    • coat
  • Question of

    ‘zamokot’ means…

What do you think?

3.4k Points

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