The Top 5 Mountains in Serbia You Should Visit

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Although Serbia may belong to smaller countries, it can boast of incredible, almost unrealistic natural and historical wealth, writes National Geographic Serbia. Every corner of Serbia has a special value, and due to its wilderness, some will remain mysterious and un-investigated forever, which is especially true for mountains that are a priceless wealth.

Although it was very difficult, we managed to extract the 5 most beautiful mountains in Serbia that surely value your attention.

Mt. Stol – 1.156m (Peak name – Goli Krš)

The beauty of the east, amongst others, is the Stol Mountain, located in the Timok region near Bor. The top of the mountain resembles a long narrow island hill with a sharp peak and steep cliffs that represent the ideal combination for alpine and sports climbing. The Stol (table) Mountain is a real ecozone with its attractive hiking trails, which are filled with spacious meadows and medicinal herbs.

One of the great treasures of not only this region but also the whole of Serbia is the strong spring at the foot of Stol. The contrast to the large and steep massif is the flower meadows and pastures that provide unforgettable views.

Mt. Rtanj – 1.565m (Peak name – Šiljak)

Rtanj is a huge mountain massif situated about thirty kilometers north of Nis. The exceptionally preserved nature and the highest peak of Rtanj, Šiljak, which makes the end of the karst ridge in the form of a steep hump that resembles a hat, represents the true wealth of eastern Serbia.

The unrivaled landscapes and the climb of up to 1,200m are a challenge for all those who want to get to know Serbia from the “Rtanj Perspective”, because from the top, the view it reaches even Avala, Kopaonik and Stara Planina which are all some 200km and more away.

At the top of Rtanj, there is a chapel dedicated to St. George, which is a symbol of a great love that is woven into the rocks. This area is extremely rich in medicinal herbs, and the main feature is the famous Rtanj tea. Which is btw, great for problems with erection

Mt. Zlatar 1.627m (Peak name – Golo brdo)

For Mount Zlatar they say that once met, you will always come back and live in her blessings. It is located between the rivers Uvac, Lim, Mileševka and Bistrica, on the periphery of the Pesterska Plateau, and it is also the largest natural habitat of the White-headed Eagle. Not so touristy as the neighboring Zlatibor, Zlatar gives the visitors the opportunity to enjoy the impeccable ecological properties and the authentic preserved nature from whose peaks there’s a magnificent view, making this an ideal sports-recreational, health and tourist region.

In addition to numerous hiking and biking trails, those who come to Zlatar have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Serbian culture in numerous monasteries and churches, among which the most famous is the Milešev Monastery, where the famous “White Angel” fresco is located. Western Serbia is known for its numerous specialties, which are a gift from nature, and Zlatar offers its autochthonous type of “gold cheese” as well as products made of medicinal buckwheat.

Mt. Kopaonik 2.017m (Peak name – Pančićev vrh)

Kopaonik is the most popular tourist destination among the Serbian mountains. It is the highest mountain in central Serbia and it owns the largest ski center in this country that gathers annual winter sports enthusiasts from all around the world. Because of its diversified relief that originated at different times, Kopaonik was named after mining because this “ore has been digging ever since”. Kopaonik is also known as the “Silver Mountain” and “Sunny Mountain” due to the high number of sunny days of the year. Kopaonik is a mountain that hosts a large number of guests every year, so flights are the main destination for the preparation of athletes because of their pure air and nature.

Many of the bathing treasures are also thermal spas, among which the largest “star” of Jošanička spa, but Lukovska, Kuršumlijska is also in the vicinity, and Vrnjacka and Mataruška Spa, which are famous for their healing powers, are a little further away. Each mountain in Serbia plays an important historical role, and so is the famous Kop, which played a major role in medieval trade and mining in Europe.

Stara Mt. 2.169m (Peak name – Midžor)

A mountain that connects Serbia with Bulgaria and the Black Sea, a mountain after which the Balkans got its name. Stara Planina is located in the south of Serbia and covers the municipalities of Knjaževac, Pirot, Zaječar, and Dimitrovgrad. It is extremely famous for its waters and preserved plant wealth.

Since the snow covers over 5 months, Stara Planina is attractive to all winter sports fans, as well as paragliders and all fans of long hiking tours. The one who does not know the Mountain does not know the weather conditions are deceptive and dangerous in this area with drastic temperature differences, just like the weather on the Balkan is.

The famous “Pirot cheese” is obtained from two domestic types of sheep grown on Stara Planina, and lovers of tradition and authentic Serbian culture can enjoy in rural tourism, authentic hand-woven wool products and visits to numerous monasteries and churches.

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