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  • Cool Walkway Between Buildings in Poland

    These are ideas that arise from the need of the moment to actual realization that turns out to be very useful and cool. This particular need was born on a hot summer day spent in the office, when thoughts strayed […] More

  • Unusual building in Slovak High Tatras

    If you ever will wonder on beautiful High Tatras of Slovakia you will maybe come upon a strange little structure that will look as if it is from another planet. This little house is actually a Slovakian Lodge that stands […] More

  • Futuristic Architecture from USSR

    The ideological creators of communism and socialism were thinking their system is the system of the future. We here not to argue or agree with them but we want to show you the futuristic buildings that came out of their […] More

  • BlyatifulBlyatiful

    Mystic monuments from the former Yugoslavia

    Mystic Monuments from the former Yugoslavia – Today you will see the long lost monuments that can be found in countries of the former Yugoslavia. Yugoslav state was formed after second world war which was the bloodiest war that human […] More

  • Remains of old Slavic arhitecture

    Remains of old Slavic architecture. I don’t know that is something survived in Moscow region of wooden architecture. I am afraid no. Most wooden remains are in north, like Kizhi. The building that you post the first is for sure […] More

  • Kozolec – Symbol of Slovene countryside

    The Kozolec (Hayrack) The hayrack or kozolec is an ancient structure, retaining an archaic mode of building. It has developed in construction and functionality together with the development of farming methods during the 18th and 19th centuries, but it was […] More

  • Jan Vladimír Hráský – His Work In Slovenia

    I didn’t really know either to put this into the Slovene or Czech section, but since most Hráský’s buildings that I know are in Slovenia, I put it the Slovene section. Jan Vladimír Hráský (1857-1939) was a Czech architect, engineer, […] More

  • Russian North in Photographs

    Russian north is amazing and with it’s uniqe arhitecture it’s a sight that you won’t see anywhere else. Old churches like ornaments of this landscape tell the story from early begining of Rus statehood to present days. The partly arctic […] More