Unusual building in Slovak High Tatras

Photo: atelier 8000

If you ever will wonder on beautiful High Tatras of Slovakia you will maybe come upon a strange little structure that will look as if it is from another planet. This little house is actually a Slovakian Lodge that stands on a beautiful corner in the High Tatra Mountains.

This cute little lodge by the name Kežmarské Hut by awesome architecture firm Atelier 8000 is a interesting design of a typical lodge, as it’s in reality a cube that’s been rotated onto one of its corners. This concept was created for an international competition aimed at designing a building for the High Tatra Mountains of Slovakia. [via(Atelier8000)]

Photo: atelier 8000

Obviously the job was well done, as most people that visit it love it. All these beautiful photos are courtesy of the named firm Atelier.

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