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  • Serbia – travel tips, advice and info you need

    The general requirements for entry into the Republic of Serbia are: valid travel document; valid visa in the passport, if a visa for Serbia needed for nationals of the country from where passport is; proof of sufficient funds for staying in Serbia. […] More

  • Croatia – travel tips, advice and info you need

    There are several ways to travel to Croatia and which form of transport you choose depends on which part of the country you come from and how far you plan to travel. Overall, if you do not have a car, you’ll most […] More

  • Czech Republic – travel tips, advice and info you need

    Czech Republic is a relatively small country (78,866 km2 and about 10,241,000 inhabitants), located in the heart of Europe and borders with Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia. Historically, Czechs have always regarded their country a link between the eastern and […] More

  • Bulgaria – travel tips, advice and info you need

    In addition to obtaining the star of the European Union, Bulgaria has done a lot on their own development and emancipation, development of infrastructure and changing their own image. Bulgaria is a country whose tourism is in rapid expansion, or […] More

  • Poland – travel tips, advice and info you need

    Poland can offer so much, from mountainous areas in the south, excellent for skiing and hiking, through the surprisingly beautiful cities such as Krakow, Gdansk and Zamosc to the National Park Białowieża Forest and Mazurijska lakes in the north. When to visit […] More

  • What you need to know about SLOVAKIA

    Basic facts you need to know about SLOVAKIA, a country in the hearth of Europe. The Slovak Republic (or, in short form, Slovakia Listeni/sloʊˈvɑːkiə/ or /sləˈvækiə/; Slovak: Slovensko (Slovak pronunciation: [ˈslovɛnsko] ( listen)), long form Slovenská republika (Slovak pronunciation: [ˈslovɛnskaː ˈrɛpublɪka] […] More