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  • Doom Clouds Over Kamchatka Spread Fear

    These days like we can see the signs of impeding doom all over the world. Strange things happen, wars bloom, blood moons shined twice this year and nothing can go without strange happening in Russia as well. These days, on […] More

  • Get In Kamchatkas Volanic River Canyon

    Kamchatka peninsula is a wonderful place in Russia, and more then often we get amazing pictures of this area that is as some long lost land that people still explore. Area is rich with active volcanos, lava, wildlife, steppes and […] More

  • This is not Mordor, this is Kamchatka

    You might have thought on a second you are looking at a scene from Lord of the Rings where Frodo and his fellowship struggle through a land of Volcanoes called Mordor, but it’s Kamchatka and for a land of Volcanoes […] More

  • Russian Kamchatka Obliterated By Heavy Snow

    In Kamchatka there are dangerous consequences of heavy snow and wind storm that brought here by the Pacific cyclone, which came on the dreadful night of February 14. First heavy rainfall seriously hampered the lives of local residents, but later […] More

  • Clean Slavic Nature of Kamchatka

    Clean Slavic Nature of Kamchatka – Wild beauty, Incessant rains, crazy harsh winds of Kamchatka, sleeping in damp sleeping bags during cold nights, gnats and wool lice are inevitable companions of people working in the Kronotsky natural reserve. But hey it’s […] More

  • Cute wild-life of Kamchatka

    Cute wild-life of Kamchatka – No matter how hard of bad you day is you’re about to get your hearth melted aways and your eyes fed with some very visual eye candy. Welcome again to kamchatka, a land where one […] More

  • Kamchatka Land of Fire and Lava

    Kamchatka Land of Fire and Lava –  Going to the mountains is a nice adventure, but going to the mountains that look like you have entered Mordor from Lord of the Rings is even more fun! Here we have an […] More