Russian Guy Encounters A Bear During A Forest Walk, Starts To Fight With Him

You walk in the forest. You see a bear walking around, minding his own business. You approach and give him an ass kick. Bear stops, turns at your side, and stares amazed for several seconds. What could possibly go wrong?

It seems that a nominee for the Darwin Prize – 2019 was found in Russia. A video clip was recently distributed in Kamchatka’s social networks, which captured the moment when a bear attacked a man reports

The author of the video first records the predator on a mobile phone, and then approaches the wild beast and, obviously, kicks him.

The beast unfolds and roars at the offender. Then the phone falls, you hear the sounds of a struggle. At the end of the video, the author picks up the phone and says that the bear bit his hand through it. The recording ends, and the predator probably leaves.

What do you think?

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