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  • Crazy Photos Under Ice of Russian Lake Baikal

    Lake Biakal is one of those beautiful places on earth that tourists from all over the world flock like crazy, and during winter is that much more special because this beauty becomes frozen. Now in this case it’s not even […] More

  • Beauty Of Frozen Lake Baikal

    One of the oldest and deepest freshwater lake in the world – the Siberian Lake Baikal – the treasure of Russian nature. It enjoys an excellent reputation and a popular tourist destination. The lake is beautiful in all seasons, and […] More

  • Siberian skier falls into icy Lake Baikal

    A Siberian lake skier had a lucky escape after falling through thin ice, with his embarrassing moment, and rescue, captured for posterity on camera. Siberian skier said: “There was no time to think. I made a jerk to the side and grabbed […] More

  • When lake Baikal becomes ice and you can ice-skate

    When Lake Baikal freezes, it becomes a large ice desert and many adventure enthusiast will then take their skates and enjoy their day there while taking amazing photos of the frozen area. As one of the largest and most beautiful […] More