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  • Ancient Perun’s Axe Pedant

    The Axe of Perun , also called a “hatchet amulet”, is an archaeological artifact worn as a pendant and shaped like a battle axe. It is mostly found in modern day Russia and parts of Scandinavia. Connection with the Slavic […] More

  • Ancient Kolovrat Pedant

    The “little sun” is an Early Slavic pagan symbol of the sun god. It was engraved on wooden monuments built near the final resting places of fallen Slavs to represent eternal life. The symbol was first seen in a collection of […] More

  • White Clay Figurine of Slavic God Perun

    This ceramic figurine is made of white clay kilned at the very high temperature. The item is toned. Perun is a god of thunder in Slavic mythology. An axe, sword and shield are very important attributes of this god. Decorate […] More

  • Small Peruns Axe Pedant

    The Axe of Perun (секира Перуна Perun’s axe / амулет-топорик hatchet amulet) was the axe wielded by the Slavic god of thunder and lightning, Perun. Similar to Thor’s hammer, miniature amulets were worn by the Pre-Christian Slavs as pendants honoring […] More

  • Slavic Linen handmade embroidered blouse

    This linen Slavic dress is one of our bestsellers. The folk dress is designed in best Slavic traditions of folk shirts and dresses decorated with a cross-stitched embroidery. Floral, coloured ornaments are meant to protect a woman against the evil spirit and […] More