Small Peruns Axe Pedant

The Axe of Perun (секира Перуна Perun’s axe / амулет-топорик hatchet amulet) was the axe wielded by the Slavic god of thunder and lightning, Perun. Similar to Thor’s hammer, miniature amulets were worn by the Pre-Christian Slavs as pendants honoring their god. – This piece is double sided. – Sterling Silver – 34 mm H x 20 mm W. This type is a bearded axe (lower side of the blade is elongated) with a flat upper side. It resembles a battle axe. A knob-like protrusion is usually present on the lower side of the axe. These axes have been decorated with circles, believed to represent celestial bodies.

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Production MethodAll our products are cast from either sterling silver or bronze using the lost wax casting method.
Metal stamp925 Sterling
Width20 millimeters
Length34 millimeters

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