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  • Sasha The Siberian Baby Wolly Rhino

    Russia will just not stop surprising us, so this week an amazing discovery took place in Siberia, Russia. It was the baby woolly rhinoceros that was preserved due to well know Siberian Perrmafrost, so discovery of this magnitute has been […] More

  • Yakutsks Tunnel Museum Of Permafrost

    Russian Yakutsk has become source of viral photos on the internet due to how winters are cold there. It’s a land where everything is frozen, and to tourists one of the most cool places to visit in Yakutsk, Russia, is […] More

  • The stone forest of Yakuts

    One of the best natural breath-taking places in Russia are the “Lena’s stone forest” or “Lena’s Stone Pillars”, sounds like from a fairy right? Many spend a lot just to get there and to take a look. This place is […] More