Meet Anastasia Gruzdeva From Yakutsk, She Became Famous For Her Updates About Life in Siberia

It’s just Siberian things…

Photo: Anastasia Gruzdeva / Instagram

Russians say, only mentally very strong people live and thrive in Siberia. Judging by the Instagram feed photos of Yakutian Anastasia Gruzdeva this probably really is the case. She is a sweet Russian 25 year old girl that hails from Siberian city of Yakutsk, she does her daily commute working in a wedding salon but also has a interesting hobby. She started to comically share the average trouble that one individual could experience living the life in Yakutia.

She was able to show life in Yakutia in two photographs, one of them during severe winter – and instantly became famous. Now she made a summer photo and it might freak you out if you hate insects. Oh btw you can follow Anastasia over her: Instagram

Siberian life in winter be like:

Siberian life in Summer be like:

The sponsors of this photo are a bouquet of flowers and the absence of mosquitos. Want to collect a bouquet? Then feed the crowd of mosquitoes.

Da, we do not collect flowers for free, we pay with blood!

Dozens of mosquitoes sit like clouds in the area during summer time. In Yakutsk and the central ulus, there are very few mosquitoes but in the northern ulus, in her opinion, mosquitoes are larger than anywhere else. So, if you find yourself in Yakutia in summer, be aware.

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    Has Anastasia drank the water of eternal youth from Yakutia that contains the Bacillus F??!?

    Someone needs to bottle that stuff and sell it world wide!

    Secret to eternal life? 3.5m year old bacteria made Russian stronger

    3.5 million year old Bacillus F could improve longevity of humans Experts have unlocked its DNA and are testing it on mice and human cells Bacteria was found in 2009 embedded in ancient permafrost in Yakutia A controversial Russian scientist has injected himself with a 3.5 million year old ‘eternal life’ bacteria fund in the Siberian permafrost – and says he is now stronger and never gets ill.



    And I thought the mosquitoes here in the Philippines were already worse.



    Why improve longevity even further? Who’s gonna feed all those pensioners? We’re already a gerontocracy.

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