This Russian Video Game Simulates Life During Boring Harsh Winters

Panel houses, snow, overcast sky, tiny kitchen, shabby staircase… It’s Winter is an indie game which genre could be classified as sandbox, post-soviet, sad 3d, russian sadness. Nothing awaits you: there is no chance to get out, no room for adventures and breathtaking plot.

“It’s Winter” game was released and it traps you in an endless “groundhog night” in a provincial town: a scarily convincing simulation of an average Russian’s life. Suddenly, you’re awake at night in a one-room apartment in a Russian town.


You are poor: you don’t even have a computer, only a radio in the kitchen. Let’s check out the fridge for something to eat.

Surprisingly, there are tomatoes, some eggs, and some baloney. The microwave is functioning. However, the kettle is not, so, no tea for you. In your living room, two sad flowers sit on a windowsill. A carpet hangs on the wall. Outside, it is snowing incessantly…

For all you lovers of obscure Russian art, the game “It’s Winter” was created as a part of a project titled “WINTER”, by Moscow poet Ilya Mazo. The project, which the author calls “a digital opera”, includes a book of poems, a short movie, a music album and a theatrical performance that is yet to be announced.

The game has been released as a part of a larger project by poet Ilia Mazo, which also includes a book, a play, a short film, and a musical album (turn on the radio in the game to listen to the music). The game’s developer announced on Twitter that a summer version of the game is in the works. The game is available for download on Steam here.

Ilya Mazo created it in collaboration with well-known underground game designer Alexander Ignatov (sad3d), which is a part of the “ШХД: ЗИМА” multi-platform project which consists of the book, music album, short film and theatre play.

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