Top 4 Most Beautiful Slavic TV Presenters

Parts of everyday modern life, a selected few television faces have stood out from the crowd and visually enchanted the public

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Stars of the small screens, faces of TV hosts have become parts of everyday modern life. A visual media format, television work requires not only charm and communication skills, but beauty and charisma. And while all TV starts posses these and many other qualities to a certain degree, a selected few have visually enchanted and won the public over.

Nina Seničar

Possibly the most internationally known Serbian TV host, Nina Seničar has also been working as a model and actress for over a decade. Born in Novi Sad, Seničar showed an early interest in sports, especially snow jumping and equestrianism, where she took part in national competitions. However, she stopped pursuing sports professionally after winning Miss Yugoslavia title in 2001. An outstanding student, she was awarded a full scholarship in Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, where her successful career as a TV host started. Hosting various shows on Italian channel Rai 2, as well as modeling for numerous fashion brands proved not to be too difficult, as Nina managed to graduate with a Master of Science degree in International Economics. Except for modeling and hosting, Nina also appeared in numerous Italian and Serbian films, and also took part in a reality show “L’isola dei famosi”. In order to further her acting career, Seničar eventually relocated to Los Angeles where she studied acting and eventually landed supporting roles in films starring Charlie Hunnam and Alec Baldwin. Except for her professional life, Nina’s private life has also been extremely publicized by both Italian and Serbian media. Relationships with public figures such as Eros Ramazzotti, Jared Leto and Jay Ellis have frequently put her under the spotlight, even overshadowing her career at times. Today, Nina resides in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, actor Jay Ellis, and is working on an upcoming film “DriverX”.

Elena Kuletskaya

A native of Kharkiv, Ukraine, Kuletskaya is well known all over Eastern Europe for her noticeable modeling work, hosting gigs and relationships with famous men. After graduating from Moscow Faculty of Law, Kuletskaya moved to Paris after being scouted by a modeling agent.  Elena quickly found success in the French capital, as she was chosen to be the face of brands such as Rolex, Nina Ricci and Helena Rubinstein. As her career in France took off, Elena also began her work on television in Russia, hosting various shows on MTV. At the time, she entered a romantic relationship with one of Russia’s most prolific pop stars Dima Bilan, which contributed to her becoming a household name. While it was and still is widely speculated whether the relationship was a PR move, Kuletskaya insists it was a real, organic relationship that had nothing to do with fame or show business. After many years spent together, Bilan and Elena separated, supposedly due to her affair with a Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke, with whom she posed for GQ magazine and was seen later on. However, in April 2014, Kuletskaya announced she was about to marry a director Stanislav Romanovsky, and the wedding was set to be in Paris. Two years later, Elena gave birth to a daughter Nika, whom she now considers her priority over work. Yet, she has stated her plans to fully return to television and show business in due time.

Nikolina Pišek

One of the most famous TV hosts in the Balkans, Pišek is a household name known for taking part in both Serbian and Croatian television projects and series. An architect by profession, Pišek started her career on television almost by an accident. After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, she joined a lifestyle and entertainment programme as a host. Filled with provocative and even slightly vulgar humor, these shows caught the attention of public and made its hosts into popular public figures. Switching between state owned and private owned TV stations, Pišek spent almost a decade hosting gossip and lifestyle shows while doing a bit of acting on the side as well. Well known in Croatia by then, Pišek didn’t enjoy any popularity outside of her native country. This changed once she co-hosted a multinational singing competition Operacija Trijumf. As it featured contestants from all former Yugoslav republics, the viewership was also diverse and her popularity soared all over Balkans. Sudden attention of the broad public enabled her to make a transition to Serbian television, hosting lifestyle shows and reality shows there as well. Mother of two daughters, Pišek married only once, and that is to her current husband Vidoje Ristović with whom she resides in Belgrade.

Iva Kubelkova

One of the most popular Czech models, TV presenters and actresses, Iva Kubelkova has been in show business since 1996, when she won the title of Vice Miss of Czech Republic. After many years of modeling work, Iva first started to appear on television in 2005. However, she wasn’t a stranger to being in front of a camera, as in addition to her modeling work, she also appeared in films and TV series. Hosting reality and lifestyle programs, Iva has continued to work both as an actress and presenter. Due to her history of dating sport stars such as hockey player Jagomir Jagr and racer Martin Koloc, Iva’s popularity in Czech Republic further grew. Proving herself a savvy businesswoman besides being a showgirl, Kubelkova owns a beauty salon in Prague. Besides many work obligations, Iva earned a Master’s degree in Social and Mass Communication in 2010. After a few highly publicized relationships, she finally settled down with an artist Georg Jirasek, with whom she has two daughters.

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