10 Hollywood Movies You Didn’t Know Were Shot In Croatia

Little diverse country perfect for movie making…

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The role of Croatia as a filming location came to everyone’s attention when the Game Of Thrones production team started filming in Dubrovnik. However, the first US movies shot here date way back, and this list compiles the most notable ones. Some of them you’ve heard about, some of them you’ve watched, and some of them you probably didn’t even know existed. But they are all here to testify for the long tradition of Croatia as a perfect place for making films. Meanwhile, many believe these are only the beginnings.

The Croatian Audio Visual Centre recently started promoting the benefits of filming in Croatia, the primary feature being that it is a small, but diverse area featuring both beautiful landscapes and stunning historical architecture.

1. The Trial (1962)

The Trial was directed by Orson Welles, and it’s based on the novel by Franz Kafka. The movie features a Welles’s experimental and stylized approach to the story of the advocate Joseph K who was convicted for an unnamed crime. This movie was well received by both critics and the public, and it’s commonly being praised as Orson Welles’s best film. It was shot in various spots in Zagreb, most notably the Zagreb cathedral.

2. Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

The globally renowned Oscar-winning musical Fiddler on the Roof features a story of  Tevye, a Jewish milkman living in Russia, and his daily challenges with the growing anti-semitic ideas in the village and love affairs of his five daughters. Although this musical is a cult film, not many know that it was actually filmed in Lekenik, a small Village near Zagreb in Croatia. The original structures are still preserved, and the movie set is now promoted as a tourist attraction.

3. The Aviator (1985)

No, we are not talking about the famous Martin Scorcese’s movie, this Aviator dates back to 1985. It is an American adventure drama featuring Christopher Reeve as Edgar Anscombe, a US Army Air Corps instructor. Edgar was forced to accept Tillie Hansen as his passenger, and the movie soon shifts from aviation to a survival story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Although set in the US, the movie was filmed in Croatia, in the region near the city of Rijeka.

4. Captain America (1990)

The first Captian America movie was filmed in 1990. The reason you probably didn’t even know this film existed, is that it is absolutely horrible. However, some say that it is one of those films that are so bad that they are good. If nothing else, the low budget production and amateurish direction are bound to make you laugh. Although the plot of the film is in Italy and Germany, it was mostly shot in Croatia, the main reason being the low budget.

5. Titus (1999)

Titus is Julie Taymor’s movie adaptation of the Shakespeare’s `Titus Andronicus’ revenge tragedy. Anthony Hopkins stars as Titus, a general returning from the war in pursuit of vengeance. The beginning and the end of the movie are filmed in the famous arena in Pula, Croatia.

6. The Fever (2004)

A rich woman travels to a third-world country as a tourist, but there she meets a journalist who leads her to the poorest regions which are usually under the radar. As she sees the real, devastating picture of this war-torn area, she has to reassess her own privileged and consumer-driven lifestyle. Some of the scenes of the movie were shot in Zagreb, Croatia.7. The Hunting Party (2007)The Hunting Party is a story of a young journalist and a discredited war reporter on a journey to find “The Fox”, an alleged top war criminal in  Bosnia. The movie was filmed in several locations in Croatia, including cities Karlovac, Zagreb, and Samobor.

8. Season Of The Witch (2011)

Season of the witch is a fantasy movie starring Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman, as two Teutonic Knights on a mission to transport an accused witch to a secluded monastery. The movie got mixed criticism, as some think it is dull and cheap-looking, while others find it very entertaining. Most of the movie was filmed in Hungary and Austria, however, some of the scenes took place in Istria, Croatia.

9. Red Tails (2012)

Red Tails is a movie about Tuskegee Airmen, a team of African-American pilots who served in the American Airforce during World War II. The goal was to create a memorial to those extremely brave, yet little-known soldiers. Some of the scenes were shot in several small towns in Istria, Croatia.

10. The last Jedi (2017)

The eight-episode of the cult Star Wars series follows the story of Rey, a young woman who develops her ability to use the Force with the help of Luke Skywalker. Some scenes were shot in Dubrovnik, Croatia, which is now organizing tours of the filming locations.

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