98 Years Old Croatian Babushka Rigorously Fined For Cooking Rakija

On the spot, a fine of 500 kuna was charged, 54 liters of brandy (Rakija) were seized and today an additional 1.500 kuna fine arrived at her doors reports NoviList. Across region of Lika (central Croatia) baking of Rakija is coming to an end, in the traditional way for dozens if not hundreds of years. This year one poor Babushka will have a grim memory of Croatian bureaucracy intimidating and attacking even the core elements of cultural and traditional aspects of local people .

When another baking cauldron was prepared with the help of her neighbors, a mobile team of the Customs Office in Zadar arrived in the yard.

Since the old woman lived alone, she had no one to clarify the legal procedure regarding the distillation of alcohol in domestic work.

On the spot, the kind bureaucratic people gave her a fine of 500 kuna (70 euro) on the spot, took 54 liter of brandy, and an additional 1.500 kuna (200 euro) fine was issued.

The inhabitants of the Krbavian Field do not remember that anyone has been rigorously punished for such a violation. Many think that they should have “look through the fingers” for the 98 years lady and the minimum retirement she lives from.

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