Drunk Polish Man Falls In A ZOO Enclosure, Starts To Brawl With The Circus Bear

A drunk 23-year-old entered the bear area at the Warsaw Zoo reports Gazeta. Later he also tried to drown the animal in a brawl after the bear jumped behind him into the water in the surrounding. The Municipal Zoological Garden reported that 37-year-old bear Sabina after meeting a drunk man was very stressed. The animal has a circus past, so it is accustomed to people and did not intend to attack a man. “The paddock was designed in such a way that the bears are unable to get out of it, so they do not pose a threat.

The zoo has already announced legal steps in connection with the Thursday incident. Video footage shows Sabina skulking towards the seemingly oblivious man after he had broken into the enclosure. At this point the man grapples with the bear and can be seen trying to drown her as he forces her head under water, while shocked visitors watch on.

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  1. Poor bear! Who knows what this poor animal could be catching from dirty drunk man! Social distancing for bears also! Good that police is involved.

    PTSD support group from drunks and circus?


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