Polish Boar Steals Pierogi From Children, Police Chases It Down To Retrieve Pierogi


Legnica policemen often take unusual interventions. Yesterday, officers detained the perpetrator, stealing pierogi. For this act the perpetrator would be punishable, if not for the fact that he was a boar reports Polish Legnica Police department …

Yesterday, the policemen of the Legnica road were sent for an unusual intervention. The information on duty at the Municipal Police Headquarters in Legnica received information that on Oświęcimska street in Legnica a large boar ate dumplings it took from children and now it growls at them. The officers immediately went to the place, where they found the perpetrator of the theft of the delicious dumplings. For guilty behavior, the perpetrator would be punishable if not for the fact that he was … a boar. The police first took care of the safety of people who were near the animal, and then chased the boar to a safe place, away from people.


Fortunately, the boar did not hurt anyone. Remember, however, that when meeting a boar, be careful and do not approach it.


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