Artist Covered the Poland National Gallery’s Staircase in Colorful Paint

Bring something vivid and fresh into old and grey

Photo: Kate Sierzputowski /

Poland – Not that long ago Polish Artist Leon Tarasewicz has made something unexpected by man. He completely covered the Polands National Gallery’s Great Hall Staircase in vibrant colors splattered all around by Kate Sierzputowski. The whole paint splattering fun turned into an art exhibition titled “Polish Painting of the 21st Century,”. All these images are courtesy of We Are Museums.

Leon Tarasewicz thus contributed a work to this large exhibition by redoing the museum’s Great Hall in a vivid red, yellow, blue, and green splatter paint. The work splattered the stairs and crept up the surrounding walls, creating a dramatic entrance for anyone entering the exhibition. (h/t:ArchAtlas)

colored-floor-01 colored-floor-02 colored-floor-03

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