BIG BIZNIS: Top 6 most influential Slavic entrepreneurs of today

Slavs know how to make a business, hopefully for us all…

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The world economists have no doubts – if Slavs would believe in themselves more, they would conquer the world. However, most of us have a hidden instinct of the future millionaire. Some of us can even turn it into the gold. The number of Slavs on the lists of the richest people on Earth is growing. Of course, it doesn’t surprise us, right? Since most of the Slavic countries follow the path of peace, the economy can grow. However, most of the richest people among us created his wealth for many years or even decades.

1. Iza and Samo Login, millionaires from Slovenia

Their media franchise Outfit7 Limited created the app „Talking Tom and Friends” that brought them a fortune. It was launched in July 2010, and until now it achieved an incredible number of downloads placing its net worth of around $700 million. Now the franchise offers various mobile apps involving anthropomorphic animal characters. They basically repeat things said by the user but in a very enjoyable way.

2. Leonid Mikhelson

One of the richest Russians with his personal fortune estimated at US$18.2 billion as of 2017.He is a CEO, chairman, and shareholder of the Russian gas company Novatek. He began a business career in the Soviet Union. His companies have always been modern and innovative. In 1994 he became General Director of Novafinivest, which is known as NOVATEK. Mikhelson claims that 99 percent of his interest now is related to the Russian and contemporary art. As a billionaire, he is no longer interested in growing new companies, but established a foundation V-A-C Foundation, which promotes contemporary Russian art. Due to his generosity, the works of artists from Russia appeared at the museums and galleries in New York, UK, Venice, etc.

3. Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk

Children of Jan Kulczyk, a millionaire who passed away in 2015. They share a fortune left them by their father following his business path.
Sebastian Kulczyk, more active and advanced in Kulczyk Investments, has worked for this corporation since 2010. He was responsible for overseeing the most strategic sector of natural resources, later also for business development. In 2014 he was appointed the President of the Board of Kulczyk Investments. Kulczyk is a young generation of businessmen, famous as a philanthropy and unpredictable business player. His sister, Dominika, seems to be a more artistic soul. Her visionary need of making a positive change in regions struggling due to the poverty placed her among the fierce fighters for improvement in the condition of the third world countries.

4. Philip Zepter was born as Milan Jankovic

Everybody knows him as a person who created Zepter International. Although he is not a resident of Serbia, he stays the richest person in this country. Apart from the other products, he created an exclusive line of watches. The limited series Swiss made collections are hand finished by Swiss master watchmakers and timeless design make these eternal objects truly extraordinary. Signed as „Philip Zepter Timepieces” became symbols of his business success.

5. Jordan Kamcev – The owner of Orka Holding company

Stays the richest Macedonian businessman with a net worth of $238 million. The founder of Orka Holding was Ilia Kamcev, who passed away in 2009. According to the description published on their website: „At the beginnings “Orka” counted only 30 employees working in production and 1 shop. Over time, the company was expanding its capacities following world trends and promoting a model of successful corporative management. Today, after 3 decades since it’s founding, Orka Holding has over 1000 employees, and represents a company which is uniting different types of activities in the country as well as abroad: export, import, representative offices of foreign firms, production, distribution and retail sales, sports journalism and private health.”

6. Mate Rimac – Electric car rival of Tesla inc.

Rimac Automobili is a Croatian car manufacturer that develops and produces electric supercars, drivetrain and battery systems, headquartered in Sveta Nedelja, Croatia. The company was founded by Mate Rimac. Rimac Automobili’s first model, the Concept One, is known as the world’s fastest production electric vehicle. While Rimac sells high-performance vehicles under their own brand, the company develops and produces drivetrain systems and full vehicles for other companies.

May these five examples of strong and interesting personalities in Slavic business inspire you to grow and create another impressive fortune. We hope to write about your success in the near future!

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