Idda Van Munster – Bosnian girl Aida Đapo one of the most beautiful Pin-up models in the world

She is making Bosnia famous worldwide

Source: Idda van Munster / Facebook

Bosnia & Herzegovina – It was confirmed, the most beautiful women on the world title will maybe belong to a Bosnian women, Aida Đapo, with her artistic name Idda Van Munster since she was ranked on the top list of most beautiful woman in the world. Website “Beautiful Women”, which organized the world’s choice for the most beautiful woman in the world in 2013 where candidates were: Yesica Toscanini, Venus Raj, Eva Mendes, Vanessa Fonseca, Carmen Soo, Monica Bellucci, Adriana Lima, Megan Fox and this time they included her. Comments on the choice for the most beautiful woman in the world have been positive; although some do not even know where is BiH.

She never wanted to become a model or become famous. She was born in Trebinje in 1990 (in those times still Ex-Yugoslavia) and the origin of her family was from Bileca. She studies on Faculty of Pharmacy in Sarajevo and is happily in love and married.

Aida Đapo Muharemović

Aida Đapo Muharemović added a new photo.

Her passion is clothing such as: Scarfs, hats, flowers, feathers, dresses, elegant shoes with not very high heels, bags, pin-up make-up and in general the vintage look of 1920’s and 1960’s.

Aida Đapo Muharemović

Editorial for TopVintage Vintage & Retro Boutique online Photo by Nadja Berberovic Photography Location Mondo Verde, Netherlands

Her stage name “Idda van Munster” comes from her favorite childhood series “The Munsters.” Idda part equals to her real name Aida, while the “van Munster” comes from the character “Marilyn Munster” – the glamorous girl from the show mentioned above.

Aida Đapo Muharemović

Dear Ocean, thank you for making me humble and inspired 󾭛 Hairflowers @sophisticatedladyhairflowers #seychelles #island #mahe #ocean

“I cried for days because I wanted to look like Marilyn Munster. I think the old Hollywood is just innate in me. Stage name was actually taken by accident, in fact for several years I write my blog in English and just took that name … said Aida

Aida Đapo Muharemović

Aida Đapo Muharemović added a new photo – at Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi.

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Aida Đapo Muharemović

Photo: Nina Mašić-Through the Lens <3 More details on my facebook page:

Aida Đapo Muharemović

Photo © Angelica Photography

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